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Wendy Avner

My name is Wendy Avner. I have been in love with all things creative since my earliest memories. I sewed small, simple animals when I was six; and copied the funny pages in pencil around age ten. I’ve had all kinds of jobs: a fry cook, waitressing, cleaning houses, painting murals and working retail. However, throughout my years, art and creating artwork have been my passion. After work, before work or on my days off, I would be painting or making dolls. I did courtroom drawing for Channel 2 for a couple of years; and drew portraits at the Saturday Market. But my dolls have been a love of mine for many years now. I sculpt the heads and hands without using any molds or patterns. I use recycled materials, found objects and clay. Today, I have discovered I like to dabble in all of the above. Creating art brings me joy and fills me with overflowing happiness.

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