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Ceramics | Garden

Rosemary Tobiga

2024 is a transitional year for me. While I have created mostly in clay over the last 20+ years I am working to change media to something gentler and kinder to the earth. Most of the work in this sale is one-of-a-kind, maquettes and experiments – Take one (or all… LOL), ENJOY them and provide them with a loving home. They truly represent my fertile, creative mind’s wanderings that I have not wanted to let go of till now - lucky you.
My ceramic work has a blend of functional and nonfunctional ceramic art for embellishing everyday life. Inspired by northwest scenery: fauna, flora, habitats, environments, and seasons. I work to balance rudimentary, crude and unfinished nature with refined elegance, polished precious metals or stones, a tender moment, or my favorite scenery. Birds and Bells have been the most recent meanderings.
I am heavily influenced by symbology, ornamentation, calligraphy, sumi-e, motifs, ancient bronzes, and botanical patterns. I value old and worn items, because they represent not only the test of time –but how we still have the same basic needs and desires as hundreds of years ago.

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