Marble Surface


Hen and Rooster

Ann Munson

Flowers | Mixed Media

First I carve stamps, cut up rubber combs, and mix paint. Then I cover the entire floor of the greenhouse with colored patterned sheets of paper and draw, tear paper, and glue shapes onto canvas. Finally I use transparent acrylics to add dimension, light ,form, and air. I’m drawn to a push pull of flat shapes and interesting textures vs. subtle color and atmosphere.

Cedar Bark Sea Grass Basket

Chris Warren

Natural Fiber

My main focus is on using materials from the Northwest to make my baskets. Those materials include cedar bark, wild cherry bark, kelp, driftwood, and other plant materials such as day-lilies, philodendron and crocus.

McDougall Western Hope Apron

Cindy McDougall

Fabric | Mixed Media

My creations are the direct result of a lineage that includes quilters, tailors, and ballet costume designers. Growing up with piles of silk, lace, marabou, fringe and feathers, it was second nature to create with them. If you add fine lingerie to the mix my reversible, naughty and nice aprons are born. Old photos transferred to fabric often complete the collaged, vintage charm.

Moon Song

Debby Neely

Woodcut Prints

Because I can’t erase already carved wood, I need to start with an idea and a preliminary drawing to make sure the image fits the wood. I transfer the image to the wood, carving away everything I want to be white in the final print. I roll ink on the wood, put the paper on top, and rub it until the image transfers on to the paper. Finishing touches include signing, adding some colors, and framing.

incurable function freak

Debra Glanz

Paper | Mixed Media

Paper is impermanent with a short shelf life. And in that, lies its beauty. I am inspired by art history, the unexpected, museums, things dark and even macabre, simplicity and order. My art is eclectic, schizophrenic, and precise with a commitment to tailoring and function.

Beach House Quilt Square

Donna Cooper

Quilting | Fiber

Color is my caffeine. I've spent life exploring color in handmade crafts and art--sewing, knitting, doing embroidery and needlepoint, weaving, quilting and a smattering of dying and felting. I am now dividing my passions among all fiber--quilting, weaving, and paper--having lots of fun.

Ginger Steele Ceramics

Ginger Steele


I enjoy both throwing at the wheel, and building pots by hand. I also like to throw components that can be incorporated into hand built construction, like my big jars, and some of my teapots. With every firing, there are new possibilities for learning; chance combinations of clay, slip, and glaze, that can be incorporated into the design of the next series of pots.

Fused Glass Plates

Janet Neuburg

Fused Glass

All of my work involves using kilns. It may also involve using saws, a sandblaster, and polishing equipment. I have a papa kiln, a mama kiln, and a baby kiln. I have a compressor named Bella, who provides the power for Grace, my sandblaster. I get all my glass at Bullseye, where I also do some finishing work.

Corona 2 Mixed Media

Jim Miller

Mixed Media | Acrylic

Working with hands using heavy gels to shape then comb with Dollar Store’s finest.
For me, art making is a means of solving questions that affect my sensibilities without using “the realities of information.”

My Booth

Kathy Marty

Woven Rugs

I love the dynamic colors and textures of Pendleton Mill's wool selvage (the raw edges trimmed from Pendleton blankets) and fabric remnants, and the joyful feeling that they give my handwoven rugs and home décor. I hop out of bed each morning, dig my toes into one of my rugs, and smile.

Crow Collage

Kris Zorko

Paper | Mixed Media

I’m addicted to beautiful papers… I buy them, find them, make them. Then I use them to create all kinds of things. Notebooks, paper-tiled mosaics, collage, even jewelry! I find great joy in the creative process, and I hope my work brings a bit of joy to you as well.

Sculpted Clay Bird Tile

Laura Dufala

Clay & Wood

Laura Dufala lives and works on a tree farm where she uses her artistic talents to sculpt pine trees using Bonsai and Niwaki techniques. When she is not sculpting pine trees, she’s in a studio sculpting clay or carving wood. She loves the beauty and solitude of the farm and nearby mountains, and her affinity for nature is expressed in her artwork.

Natural Fiber/Antler Baskets

Leslee Burtt

Natural Fibers/Antlers

I use natural materials including cedar and wild cherry bark, reeds and grasses and weave them together with antlers to create unique baskets that reflect the natural grace of the antler. I gather Cedar bark using traditional techniques from trees that are due to be harvested. Male deer, elk, moose, caribou, and reindeer shed their antlers in the winter, growing a new set each spring. My weaving techniques combine traditional Appalachian styles with contemporary methods.

Marta and Her Work

Marta Ferris


Inspired by Folk Art, I make colorful whimsical Art from recycled materials. The materials have a story-- once a tractor, harvester, or a truck. I love the faded shades of red, yellow, and orange the metal gets from sitting in the sun. I paint some pieces with bright enamel paint. I work in series: a herd of sheep, hearts, flowers, small landscapes, and dresses. My work can live outdoors or in your home.


Mary Dennis

2D Oil Pastel

I currently work in oil pastel. My work reflects my fascination with the texture, pattern, and color in textiles, tapestries, and carpets. I layer my colors and then I use toothpicks, sandpaper, and pottery tools to create a base for more layers of color. Then I scrape with a straight edge pottery tool to uncover interesting texture and colors. Trees, grasses, and other natural phenomenon emerge.

Michele Rigert Pottery

Michele Rigert


Not too many years after colored television was developed, I started making pots. In the old days. I worked in stoneware and had beautiful dark colors. Just as technological developments produced brilliant color on our televisions, so too did new materials and technology make brilliant colors available in the ceramic world. Exploring bright color on porcelain creates happiness and joy in the studio and for my customers.

Michelle Gallagher Moon Sculpture

Michelle Gallagher


My passion is creating long lasting, beautiful, engaging, and often whimsical artwork for home and garden. Each piece is sculpted in a groggy stoneware or porcelain clay using the ancient techniques of pinching, coiling, or slab construction. After bisque firing, I finish them with stains, oxides, or commercial glazes and fired a second or third time using an electric kiln. Occasionally, I include found objects in a piece.

Photograph of Sunset

Michelle Lattanzi


My photographs capture my interpretation of objects in nature, the micro world that is easily passed by. My vision is influenced by patterns, reflections, and tactile qualities of the Pacific NW, where I am from. I use Adobe LightRoom and a touch of Photoshop to enhance the qualitites I see and to best communicate my vision.

Red Mug

Natalie Warrens


Fun and wildly colorful porcelain dinnerware and sensuous wood fired sculpture. Each piece is carefully and individually hand-built or wheel-thrown from earthenware or porcelain clay. All functional pieces are porcelain and are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Made to be used and enjoyed.

Red Scarf

Patti Bobonich


I love to play in water and with color. I don’t care what the medium is; if I can start out with something white and change it, I’m in the game. I dye fabric, yarn, just about anything I find, then put the pieces together to make something, usually wearable. I do natural dyeing, eco printing, sewing, felting, knitting, weaving, spinning--I have tried and loved all of them.

Mixed Media-Feather Tree

Peggy Ross

Fiber/Mixed Media

The World is filled with potential art supplies not to be resisted........If I'm not in a classroom, art studio, or my garden, I’m "junkin'" at a garage sale or wandering around a hardware store imagining artistic uses for the objects I see. Lines, shapes, textures, and glorious color can be found everywhere! I love to teach and make art-- I weave, paint, stitch imagine, and construct.

Collage Art

Victoria Hammond

2D/Mixed Media

I love old photos of women! By using those photos, I’m bringing them back to life in a way, and honoring them. I love broken things! I find beauty and interest in ordinary things, many times broken and discarded things-- there’s a story there. I love rust! Rust doesn’t necessarily mean old and decaying; it can also mean resilient & strong!